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Match4App lets you CREATE and PLAY legendary fast-paced "war" style card games including the following:

  • Trumps (United States)
  • Match 4 (Argentina)
  • Tope & Quartet / Tope y Quartet (Argentina)
  • Cartas Cromy (Argentina)
  • Minicart (Spain)
  • Quartett (Germany)
  • Supertrumpf (Germany)
  • Quartettspiel / Quartettspiele (Germany)
  • Super Triumph (Colombia)
  • Super Triunfo (South America)
  • Super Trunfo (Brasil)
  • トランプ (Japan)
  •  家族合わせ or Happy Family (Japan)


You can play in single player mode or in multiplayer mode with your friends and family.

Match4App allows you to create your own decks with a simple but powerful UI (User Interface). Cards can be created with up to 6 attributes. You can even enter links to images and videos to make the perfect card! 


This is a card game in which the object is to win all the cards based on "attributes" or "capabilities" chosen by the players.

A singe deck is divided evenly among players. Each player will deal one card from the top of his/her stack. The starting player chooses one attribute. The highest rank wins the round's cards and selects the attribute for next round. The game is continued till one player has all the cards.


No memory space required!

Linking cards with images or videos takes minimum storage space on your device. This is because Match4App just stores the public links that you enter only. Also, in order to comply with UGC (User Generated-Content) norms, safety and copyright laws, images from photo library or camera are NOT shared with opponents when playing in Multiplayer mode. For additional safety, image and videos searches will filter out results that might return adult and potentially offensive content.

Decks for collectors

Decks for collectors

Decks for collectors



Decks for collectors

Decks for collectors


  • Chemical Elements
  • Animals
  • Classical Composers
  • Countries and Music


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Playing with 80s trading cards:

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